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ADB IC Adapter - 344S0440-B PLCC to 344-0440-B DIP adapter

Kai Robinson

Well-known member
It's just a small thing, but i finished mapping the pinouts of both parts, and there's 0 difference, internally, between these two (both PIC16CR54's).

This will allow the use of the PLCC ADB Transceiver in the Macintosh SE, which is the only model that uses a DIP18 part.

Just upload the zip to JLCPCB, it's simply one PLCC28 socket (SMT) and headers. If anyone wants me to knock up other adapters, let me know. I had thought about doing one that'd adapt a MC68HC908GR8CDW to the Egret/CUDA pinout - i assume that it'd be easy enough to port the code ripped from the Egret/CUDA as the HC08 is code compatible with the old HC05.

Anyway - i have a batch of these on the way from JLCPCB, so if anyone else wants one - tell me. 


View attachment ADB-XCVR_Adapter.zip