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A sad Craigslist story ended with a happy plot twist!


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So about a week ago, I spotted a post in the San Francisco Bay Area Craigslist, advertising a Mac SE for only $25! The pics in the listing weren't great - it was kinda hard to get a sense of the condition of the machine, but one pic showing the nametag on the back of the machine was cropped in such a way that I could *almost* see that maybe there was something in the expansion slot...

I quickly emailed the seller, but got no reply and the ad was pulled down just a few minutes later. I was bummed that I missed out, but moved on with my week.

To my happy surprise, several days later I got a reply from the seller! He shared that he'd been inundated by replies to the listing, but got the sense that many of them were from folks who were more interested in flipping the Mac on eBay than in actually using it. On the other hand, my main goal with nearly all my vintage computers is to fix 'em up and get them used by real people in the real world via my family's Retro Roadshow events, which we're working to bring back later this spring. With this in mind, he opted to reply to my message, and kindly held onto the machine until I was able to pick it up last night!

Hux with Mac SE.jpg

I haven't tested it yet or determined any details about its specs or operational condition. All I can say right now is that it came with an ADB mouse, it's visually in really nice shape (other than being dusty), and it appears to have a "3Com EtherLink/SE" card in the expansion slot. Awesome!

I'll be sure to post an update once I've cleaned it up and tested it this weekend :)


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huxley, interesting save indeed. and funny to mention etherlink as I had noticed an auction for an etherlink/nubus earlier this morning


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Great score. Keen to see what that 3Com EtherLink/SE card looks like, not sure I've seen it before.