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A Recapped LCII, and a Performa 200


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Today I made a two hour trip to pick up a recapped LCII both logic and power supply were recapped. The sale included a very nice apple monitor that looks to be aperture grille (perhaps trinitron?) and it included an ADB keyboard and mouse. On my way back, I stopped and picked up a Performa 200 (Classic II). When I got the performa home, it did not work. It displayed bars on the screen. I washed the board with soap and water, and then it worked. But the floppy drive was jammed up. I had to remove the floppy and blow out all of the old dust that was in it. I know I should probably use alcohol and clean it and then re-lube it but I do not have alcohol or grease right now. when I get my paycheck later this month I will buy those things and do the drive right but for now it is ejecting again, but it sounds like its complaining. there are also retrace lines in the picture tube and there is a very blurry picture when the brightness is turned up. I think this means the analogue board needs to be recapped. I will have to research and find a service I can send them in to, as I have a disability that prevents me from using a hot soldering iron. tomorrow I will be picking up a Turbo XT clone. after going a long time without really finding anything and getting frustrated at Ebay scalpers it seems I've run into a a lot of good luck lately with the vintage gear! I just wanted to tell someone and I thought I would come here and say how happy I am.