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2 1/2 G4 MDDs from CL


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I picked up a few G4 MDDs this weekend, none of them have a working power supply and one has no case (just a box of parts), but I'm thrilled about getting them all.

One of the Macs with a case was the Dual 1GHz 400FW model and the other one was the dual 1.42GHz model (with the copper heatsink, which is so awesome looking).  They were all chock full of memory, one had a SCSI card, the other a USB card and there was an nVidia GeForce4 Ti 4600 128mb video card in the box.  At least one had dual drives, so I'mm hoping that it perhaps incIudes something a bit more than the standard DVD-R.

I will be putting the parts together to make one terrific system 9 machine.