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  1. Sounds wise. However, I believe the laser is fine. When I insert a CD, it reads, but the disk won’t spin. The DC motor won’t budge when I try to resurrect it with a battery. I’m gonna check the caps. I notised leakage in my caddy drives, one of them won’t accept the caddy anymore. Thanks!
  2. I haven’t even begun to suspect the caps yet. My drive came very clean and smelled nice. But yesterday, I think I managed to kill the DC motor controlling the disk spinning mechanism after I started to fiddle with the lens trimpot for a better audio read. Now I need to find a replacement part, whatever that could be? Sigh. It bummed me out since I temporarily managed to salvage the original gear with some drilling and glue.
  3. Thanks, I’ll consider making more than one then! Did it make a horrible mechanical sound before it failed? Mine did. I have a 600e as well, but I have yet to open it to see if it’s interchangeable with the 300e. Perhaps you ore someone else knows?
  4. So, last night I decided to make my own. Since I have had a good experience with changing gears in floppy drives, this shouldn’t be too complicated? There is still a couple of prototype steps before a finished product, and besides my needs, could there be other interested in this part?
  5. After watching this youtube video last night, I could confirm that I had the same issue with my Apple CD 300e Plus. After taking my drive apart, I noticed that the driver nylon gear was cracked. Has anyone heard of working 3D-printed part for purchase?
  6. Well done and documented! Are you planning to change the axial caps on MB as well? Could they be related to the ROM issues? Wouldn't you happen to have the capacitor list for the PSU close at hand? The labels on the filter caps have been peeled off in mine.
  7. Nice stuff! I bought an adapter to go with a SCSI2SD 5.1 (works better than 5.0 since it supports software termination). I also design this mount:
  8. I installed 2x4 a couple of days ago, and I must say it sure feels a bit weird running this many applications simultaneously, without hitting the ceiling, but very sweet too! Thank you @hyperneogeo ! (Oh, and sorry for using eBay.)
  9. Its about time I get a v6 to throw at the hammer! Thank you for the benchmarks, and good set-up btw. Nice yellow handles on that bubble-wrapped Q700!
  10. Very thorough! I’ve used the Jackhammer together with SCSI2SD v5.1 in a Quadra 950, but didn’t feel I gained anything with the settings I used compared to the built-in bus. How did you configure the Jackhammer?
  11. Well, it functions in the sense that the monitor pivots and the image goes from horizontal to vertical at the flip of the wrist. However, the problem I’m having is taking the darn thing apart. So far, I haven’t found any service document at all. I’ll keep looking. Thank you!
  12. Hello, Yesterday I got hold of a Radius PrecisionColor Pivot 0356. The monitor seems to be in working condition; however, the physical pivoting function is very stale. I thought I peek inside to see if I can clean and lubricate all the moving parts, but the problem is that I can’t find a suitable guide for taking the thing apart. I’m used to opening Apple monitors and Sony TV-sets, but this one has me puzzled, and some of the screws on the roundabout won’t come out at all, they merely twist indefinitely. Any help truly appreciated.
  13. Thanks! Have you started the drilling as of yet? Which wall of the old unit will carry the ATX? Maybe it’s obvious once I start gutting the Bicker? The standoffs look proper, will they be part of the finished kit? Sorry about all the questions, I’m getting ahead of my self. Each day my old PSU is getting one step closer to death.
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