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  1. Ohhhh ok. now i understand. Yea, the IIx uses that weird chip. I think i also have a spare one of those, somewhere... i have a mac II board battery bombed.
  2. Ah damnit. if it didnt work for you, its not going to work for me either. I wonder if its a pinout difference.
  3. in my case, i "borrowed" ICs from my 2 battery bombed boards to fix others. Thats why i was bringing it up. Anyways... I found some 343S0061 versions, but i dont know if they are cross-compatible but i picked them up anyways.
  4. Yeap. Scalpers found this thread.
  5. Yeap they show up, but if you try to order or inqury, No stock. I honestly dont know why companies and parts houses do this. probably on purpose so their site can be "discovered" in a search. Drive traffic.
  6. Went to order up some chips on UT Source to make one of these, turns out someones already scalped al the SWIMs and other things Basically leaving me in the dark. Wheeeeee
  7. Oh wow, this is neat! I wear big shirts though, i dont know if they make the size I need. 5x tall.
  8. Oooo will have to try that. Need the PCBs first tho. :-P maybe if the logic is ok, shoving it all into a single CPLD for a newer/revised board design? idk.
  9. I am already on a pile of medication for other health issues going on so i really dont want to add more to the queue. @cheesestraws You might be right on the chemical imbalance thing. it all points back to 2007 for me. Somewhere around then, something "changed" inside my mind that completely changed who I am, how I think, how I feel. I live in a constant state of anxiety and fear all the time with a sensory disorder. (I was diagnosed with aspergers as a child). Little things like car doors, barking dogs, squeeking basment floors, etc set me off in an uncontrolled rage sometimes. Prior to this?
  10. Thanks for the thoughts! Yeah, I wish I knew... but i dont. For me, its just time... which isnt helping a whole lot. but its getting better, i think? I just have no motivation to do anything in life. just sitting and spinning my wheels. Eventually I want to become a homeowner, but with the market the way it is, i just dont see it happening any time soon.
  11. Well not only that, but im trying to recover from some serious depression that i have been going through the last few years.
  12. I think @androda is working on reverse-engineering the backlit version of the power regulators since they are completely different. We might be able to bring that design forward, but we will have to see.
  13. Wont work. you need the proper display controller to run the LCD display in a portable, unless you want to do something with an FPGA which I dont. I dont have any experience with FPGAs.
  14. I kind-of am, but i am not at the same time. Hard to explain. Anyways. Maybe i should re-design the portable like the other guys did with the SE, and SE/30? Hmm.... would take alot of work and time I don't have right now, though.
  15. I havent worked on a classic since about 2000 or so. So that one I am not sure of. Everything I ever saw were SE/30 boards and Portables. maybe an LC here and there.
  16. I used up everything I had. i have boards here that belong to other people who are stuck in the same situation. Thats the problem with the Portable. the PMGR has to be reverse-engineered and replicated which will take alot more effort than I have. As far as the Hybrid, i need to finish the design.
  17. Yeah. ive never seen or own an amiga in my life. or used one. They just were not that common at least where I grew up. it was all macs and PCs. same with SGI and all the other "exotics" Anyways. There is a 74LS244 or 245 to the upper right corner of where the CPU is, and then there are little logic ICs below that like a 74LS02, etc... ive seen those go bad and do some weird things. But i still think we have Hybrid/PMGR issues. they are hard to troubleshoot, i just swap em when I get parts boards.
  18. Oh ive seen intermittent ICs. ive probably changed hundreds in my life.
  19. IBM drives will freeze the system if for some reason the drive cannot fully complete the self-test, it hangs the controller on the drive, and it quits sending replies to the SCSI manager. I have a "bad" IBM drive with a bad set of heads, and it does the exact same thing.
  20. These particular boards are like dealing with an ex-wife or something. They are a real pain in the ass. You have to have an eye for things like this, and I can spot that kinda stuff almost instantly anymore. Just grab a magnifying glass and inspect the solder joiints on the hybrid parts. Also, look at the resistors, you can see some "lifting" in the blue protective film that goes over the carbon film resistors. That is an issue. Could be natural, could be capacitor goo.
  21. I will say that i see what appears to be some cracking in the solder joints on the Hybrid as well. Could be the camera/flash, but might want to double check that. Could be part or all of your issue.
  22. the Hybrid doesnt look too bad, its better compared to every one ive seen so far. But, i do see some resistor damage. You are getting random RAM errors. There is a handful of things that can cause this. the hybrid could be causing noisy voltage/voltage fluctuations that may only be seen with a scope. the PMGR could be causing the startup issues. Also, its equally possible the 244/245 and various logic chips above and to the right of the CPU are going bad. The portable ive ssen sooo many different weird issues and not all of them are fixable.
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