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  1. Yeah, ignore what I said about the .bin files because I had no idea how to work WinImage. You can just use the NetworkImage file linked above somewhere.
  2. I'm super happy that I *finally* got this Macintosh CC working that someone gave me for free! It's been a process especially since I'm pretty new to vintage mac repairs and such. The old board was super corroded, and can only now be used for parts. There are some photos of it on this thread: If anyone can use the logic board and it willing to pay for shipping, they can have it! Just let me know.
  3. SHE WORKS! Somehow, WinImage did what dd couldn't. Thanks for all the help!
  4. My computer only runs Ubuntu. I tried using wine and WinImage but it didn't work out. When using your .img, I didn't get the error using dd that stated that the disk was out of space, so that's an improvement! My CC still spits out the disk though EDIT: I'm trying to use WinImage on a friend's PC and it only seems to accept .bin files. Even when I feed it a bin file it says that it's in valid. Honestly I have no idea how to use this software lol
  5. Regardless, I'm kinda new to this whole world of vintage macs and I'm not really sure how to use another machine to get a System 7 boot drive.
  6. I've also tried 1.4 MB disks, with the same issue. I know someone with a Mac SE, but I'm pretty sure it only runs System 6?
  7. Update! She turns on! Now to boot...
  8. I have a Macintosh Color Classic that I just restored and I am attempting to create a System 7 boot drive for it. I have a "3M High Density 2.0 MB" floppy that I am writing an img file to using the dd command on Linux. I either get the error that there is no space left on the disk after a few minutes of whirring, or that the end of the device was reached. That can't be right? I feel like a 2.0 MB floppy is big enough for System 7. Anyways, when trying to insert it into may machine, some painful whirring noises occur and it eventually gets auto-ejected. Any help would be really great! I'm not s
  9. Yeah, someone mentioned that earlier. I don't have on handy unfortunately.
  10. Ohhhh I see it isn't the right adapter. I will go order an ADB cable then!
  11. Ok, thanks for the info. I have a USB to Svideo/ADB convertor. For quick testing purposes is it possible to use a USB keyboard to power on the CC using this convertor?
  12. I don't currently have an ADB cable, but I am ordering one now. I've been thinking that the soft power should boot the thing, but the fan should start when the switch on the back is turned on, right? Is there any way to force a boot without the keyboard? EDIT: If I push in the logic board while the machine is on (and the fan is running) then the fan stops. Sounds sketchy to me ...
  13. I posted a while back about a Macintosh CC that came into my posession with serious corrosion. Someone gifted me a board that needed recapping, and I finally just got it back from maccaps. I plugged it into the machine, heard a slight whine noise, and got absolutely nothing when turning it on. No fan, no chimes, no nothing. When I take out the board and turn on the machine, the fan does turn on. Does this mean there's a short in the board somewhere? The guy from maccaps assured me that it was working when he sent it back. What are the next steps? Thanks! EDIT: There is currently no
  14. Thanks everyone! Sounds like this board is done for. I'm honestly surprised this thing turned on in the first place. My only remaining question - is any part of it usable for parts? Only a small portion of the board has the serious damage on it, and I would love to get it into the hands of someone who could use it.
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