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Booting problem

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I'm having a bit of trouble with a lc550 board I've put into a colour classic.


The problem is that I always get the error that I have not shut down my computer correctly - this also seems to trigger some sort of disk check that makes it take ages to mount the partitions I have (so turning off the warning isn't a solution).


I've tried deleting the finder and general controls prefs and the battery is new and working fine otherwise (and I've tested it with a multimeter).


I get the feeling this is a software problem.. but I'm at a loss to what it exactly is. Any thoughts?

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Does the same thing happen when you boot from a CD?


The only disk check I can think of that's triggered at startup was not introduced until Mac OS 8.5, which I can't imagine you're running on an LC 550. If so, I think that might explain some weird behavior. ;)

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