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ZuluSCSI V1.1 for PowerBooks is here


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We've received, programmed, and tested our first batch of our new 2.5" version of ZuluSCSI V1.1, suitable for internal use in any SCSI-equipped PowerBook machine, and they're available for purchase today via the above link.

This version of the V1.1 board has user-configurable termination via DIP switch, and uses a microSD card socket. It uses the same firmware as the full-sized ZuluSCSI V1.1, and performs identically. It supports synchronous SCSI. Read throughput will generally max out at about 3.8 megabytes/second, in asynchronous SCSI mode, and faster in synchronous.

That this is the fastest 2.5" SCSI emulation device you can purchase today, to the best of our knowledge.


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I ordered 1 of these for use in the RDI PowerLite SPARC laptop, it's a SPARCStation 5 refactored into a laptop, that happens to take the same unobtainable 2.5 inch SCSI drives as the PowerBook line.

Since I did not want to take the last 2 working 2.5 inch drives I have out of my 68k PowerBook systems, I will be giving the ZuluSCSI a try against the SPARCStation 5 platform. I've run SCSI2SD boards on Sun systems in the past with good success, I am assuming that this will work out as well.


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It is not the portable connector. Pretty sure it’s the same SCSI as the other PowerBooks. It worked with my 170’s hard drive.