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Wombat (650, 800) board overclocking limitations


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@jessenator I finally loaded the software and started using my TL866II+ and I even read the manual all the way through. Gasp.

Sadly, the Xgecu software does not include a feature to deinterleave a wide .bin file for programming on narrower chips. For example, you have a 32 bit wide ROM file for the Wombat and need it deinterleaved across 4 8-bit wide Flash chips.

You'll need to write some kind of program or script to do that yourself as a separate step.

It shouldn't be difficult, but it is another step.
I was wrong about this. The feature is "hidden" in the Load File box. When you load a file to the buffer a options box comes up and one of the pull downs on the right side of the box let's you load "first byte of two byte word" or "third byte of four byte word".


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Do you have a workflow/script already in place for that I might be able to use? I don't trust myself to actually write anything that would actually, y'know, work : P

Yes ! You may want to use an utility such as srec_cat:

> srec_cat quadra.ROM -binary -split 4 0 -o U4.bin -binary
> srec_cat quadra.ROM -binary -split 4 1 -o U3.bin -binary
> srec_cat quadra.ROM -binary -split 4 2 -o U2.bin -binary
> srec_cat quadra.ROM -binary -split 4 3 -o U1.bin -binary

Since the Wombat ROM is only 1MB, it's a good practice to "duplicate" the ROM contents (the GG Labs is 2MB as the Quadra 840av ROM)

> cp U1.bin U1d.bin && cat U1.bin >> U1d.bin
> cp U2.bin U2d.bin && cat U2.bin >> U2d.bin
> cp U3.bin U3d.bin && cat U3.bin >> U3d.bin
> cp U4.bin U4d.bin && cat U4.bin >> U4d.bin

Now you should have 4 512KB files, one for each chip. Burn them with minipro or something else:

> minipro -w U1.bin -p 'SST39SF040@PLCC32'
> minipro -w U2.bin -p 'SST39SF040@PLCC32'
> minipro -w U3.bin -p 'SST39SF040@PLCC32'
> minipro -w U4.bin -p 'SST39SF040@PLCC32'

I can't remember if I had to swap U4 and U1 and U3 and U2. Tell me how it goes !


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Tell me how it goes !
Will do!

I'm still putting off desoldering the filled through-holes on an actual Wombat board, even though I've practiced (with a dead 4400 board) enough to feel okay with moving to a working one.

I've got my ROM socket ready to go, so that's my last excuse for not moving ahead : P


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This week has been kind of crazy and the weekend has had little 'rest' in it. I'll hopefully have some time this coming week to get the socket installed, flash the ROM code and give it all a try.