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Putting the “Power” in a PowerBook


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Hi everyone!

After having success with nabbing a PowerBook 520c for cheap, I wanted to push its limits and see what I could make it do.
Its little 25 MHz 040 wasn’t enough for me and after acquiring a 33 MHz 040, I craved something more of this machine. I had heard that PPC accelerators were made for them but most went for 350-400$ on eBay! However, I was blessed by the retro gods as on my usual Yahoo auctions browse for parts, I came across the official 100 MHz Apple accelerator with the badge! Best part? It was 180$!!!391FF33C-78FE-4A23-A520-06BB93C98A89.jpeg
I just got it and have the upgrade cd for it, but I’ll have to wait for the BlueSCSI I ordered to come in as luck would have it, the original drive has kicked the bucket. It is nice however, to hear its new chime!
View attachment IMG_2812.MOV
I cannot wait the BlueSCSI to come so I can put it head to head against my Quadra 650. That’s all I have for now, if anyone has any tips I should know about the card or what I should do, let me know! I’d really appreciate it!


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Honestly, a Powerbook 5xx with the 603e is a better laptop than the 5300 line. Similar system architecture too, but in a not-horrible form factor. My 540c is still one of my favorite laptops - if only I could find new batteries for it.


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Nice find! The 500 series laptops are great and the PPC accelerators certainly allow them to run more software. I have one myself and it’s nice to be able to run software from the PPC era, though I will say it doesn’t make the machine “feel” much faster (I run System 7.5.5 mainly, on a 550c). I haven’t run performance tests on it vs. the original 040.

Also that hand-labeled CD is great, I love the little Apple drawing. :)