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Wanted: WGS95 PDS, Radius RISC, and MacII Video ROM Images


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I was able to recently acquire a Workgroup Server PDS Card for my Quadra 950, but a previous owner of the card stole the 27C1024 ROM chip from the card.
Does anyone have a dump of the ROM from the card? It should be labeled 341-0957.

In the same batch of cards there was also a Radius RISC Processor board, again with every socketed chip removed, and a Macintosh II Video Card with every socketed chip removed. If anyone has ROM images for either of those cards it would help too.

Edit: Found a copy of the 342-0008-A ROM from the Macintosh II Video Card, though the card is still missing the PGA chip labeled TFB Controller.
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The Radius card should be a QuickColor if you can find those ROMs. But without the ARM processor it's not gonna go far.