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Vintage Computing display kickstarted that may be worth backing

I just saw this on my youtube feed and was instantly hooked. This could solve so may problems with resolution and sync scaling with vintage Macs.

I was hoping to get it more exposure here before the kickstarter closes

I apologize if this is against the rules but due to the low amount of remaining time I wanted to get this out there.


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Kinda too bad that they missed the 17" stretch goal by £1442 - with space concerns (always), that would be my first choice.
I just saw this today, so I missed it, but it looks like it will be (from the timeline) a year from now by the time they show up.
I would have liked to have gotten one, since it looks to be a nicely engineered, all-in-one solution if you throw enough money at it - especially in the states! (some of the options I would be inclined to get are still having the cost worked out).
That being said, I have already gathered together the parts for a couple of RGBtoHDMI units and just need to focus a bit of time on assembly. I'm pretty sure that I can put them together in under a year, but since they have been sitting for a bit already... maybe not? :)