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Sorry, the desktop folder on the startup disk could not...

"Sorry, the desktop folder on the startup disk could not be created. try unlocking the disk."

This is showing after booting from an 9.1 maintenance cd on my Wallstreet.
(Other boot cd's are working fine, but this one won't...)
Which desktop folder is mean here: the desktop folder of the cd or the desktop folder of HDD?? :unsure:

...Unlocking the toasted boot cd-r is :LOL::LOL::LOL:

The only option is to push the OK-button, but pushing this button restarts the computer and the same error occurs!

I ask Google and someone from a emulator-forum say placing a folder with the name "Desktop folder" on the root of the cd will solving this problem.
So i make a image of the cd, create a new folder and try to rename in "Desktop folder", but i can't do. And copy an existing desktop folder (e.g. of a another cd) is ending in error.

Is there a way to run the computer from this cd?