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Softwindows 2 68k


Alright, I guess there will be no more replies to this thread, as it's been almost a month since the last posting. Anyway, thanks to anyone who participated!

There is only one more thing I can think of: I can look up the credits for Softwindows-1-68k and try to find contact to the developers, using google. Probably they can tell for sure, if there ever was a 68k-Version of SoftWindows-2, and if, where I could get it. However I know from various experiences how painful it can be to search a software-author via google, especially if he/she has a rather common name.




Hi everyone around! I now have some time again to continue my quest for Softwindows-2-68k (if it exists). As I already said in above post, I want to try to contact one of the developers, but so far I couldn't get a single name! I tried "Get Info" in finder, I read the document that is in the softwindows-drawer, I checked the "about Softwindows"-menu-entry when running softwindows, NOTHING, no credits, not a single name, it all just says "Insignia Solutions".

So, please, does anyone of you know a name of any of the Softwindows 1/2-programmers? Probably there are full credits in the manual-book, which I don't own, because I downloaded my SoftWindows-1 from internet.




Hi everyone!

I just wanted to post a small update. I now managed to contact one of the former developers of SoftWindows. He explained that there has indeed been a 68k-version of SoftWindows 2.0 for Macintosh as well as for Atari. However none of them have ever been released to public. He is not too optimistic about the chances for successfully retrieving that software. But he is (hopefully) trying to find it during the next days.

That's it so far. At least I know now, the rumours were not completely bogus.



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SoftWindows sucks anyway. I ran Version 1.0.2 on my IIfx - the 486 OrangePC card is far better in terms of performance and has a far less memory footprint than Insignia’s software.