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silly ibook g4 charger/battery question..


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just curious about this and excuse my somewhat limited wordings but - I presume that there is basically two charger controls aka the primary one onboard and the other one controlled by the os itself?

noticed that the orange ring light at power cord end would switch to green for a moment while shutting down then immediately go back to orange if the battery still wasn't fully charged yet so just had to wonder if this was expected 'as usual'

and I don't know how it had been used by the relative (even less the other person he got it from somewhere around one to two years ago) but he mentioned and my one test run with it recently both confirms that it seem to be happy to boot to 10.4.11 w/wifi [loaded down with stuffit and viruscheck etc in background on startup as well] and run light apps&games for close to two hours before its complaining about wanting the power adapter or it would shut down 'soon' .. I'm guessing this isn't too bad to expect from what is probably literally a 15 years old battery or at least some less-older-but-still-old replacement factory battery?