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Share your Apple Quicktake 100/150/200 Photos here!


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Any comments or questions regarding the camera while using it yet in public yet? lol

No comment from public yet, but my girlfriend did ask me : “so you have photographic film in this ?”

Other questions/remarks she said :
“How many pictures can you store ? Oh that’s not a lot”
“Can you delete a single picture?”
“Oh it works with aa batteries!”


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The QuickTake name is still being used by Apple: https://support.apple.com/en-mk/HT211150

Not as exciting as the original QuickTakes though. I had a 200 once, it was always a bit flakey (bad capacitors??) and I didn't end up keeping it.

I'm really enjoying the photos people have been posting, please keep on doing it!


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@ronan : those night photos look really good! Especially the first one; all the colour/compression artifacts really disappear and there's very little that gives away the small resolution.

And OMG that idea of QuickTake panoramas, brilliant! :love: And really cool the fact that the cameras can hold the images for years, would be fascinating to find more of those!


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No comment from public yet, but my girlfriend did ask me : “so you have photographic film in this ?”

Other questions/remarks she said :
“How many pictures can you store ? Oh that’s not a lot”
“Can you delete a single picture?”
“Oh it works with aa batteries!”

lol that's hilarious and great all at the same time :D It's funny, on the 200 I had no idea you could view multiple thumbnails until I saw the box and was like wait a minute, it can't do that -- read the manual -- turns out it can do that lol

And OMG that idea of QuickTake panoramas, brilliant! :love: And really cool the fact that the cameras can hold the images for years, would be fascinating to find more of those!

Yeah, I'm down the rabbit hole of making that happen now. I actually managed to get in touch with one of the guys who used a Kaiden kit specifically made for the QuickTake in the 90s for taking panoramas. Still wild to consider it was even a thought let alone a product and actual thing. Talk about timing though, he mentioned getting rid of his QuickTakes just a few weeks back after having them all this time. He used the term 'recycled' though I didn't bother to ask beyond that.

Didn't really take into consideration that you only get a one chance go at making them which is why having a laptop with you or multiple 150s would be required, since it takes 16 shots to properly stitch together a panorama. Coincidentally exactly the number of pictures you can store unless you want to go ultra low res.

Learned that you mount the camera on its side so that it's 640 height by whatever the final cropped panoramic image results in so experimenting with that will be a challenge.

A few while out at Portillo's this evening for dinner, taken with the QT200:

Glass window pane closeup...
Thought the lighting gave it a Blade Runnerish vibe but...
Cropped and sharpened in PhotoShop:


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I just looked for some QuickTakes on eBay because i want a piece of this action, but hilariously, they cost almost as much as my Nikon D700 DSLR did!



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I just looked for some QuickTakes on eBay because i want a piece of this action, but hilariously, they cost almost as much as my Nikon D700 DSLR did!

I don't know how much you paid for your Nikon (they appear to be going for $300 on eBay right now?) or what part of the world you're in, but you can find a QuickTake 150 generally under $50 in the U.S. if you wait and or make offers. There's a ton of them out there (like 20+ listed currently) and quite honestly, I don't think they're worth that much unless you're a collector and want the entire boxed, manual, etc. setup to add to a collection.

I think the most I ever paid for one was $60 shipped but that came with the filters, travel case and a bunch of extras. I won a few of them for $19 plus like $8-$12 shipping.

For sake of comparison, I just won a completely packaged Sony Cybershot F717 with lens and filters and hard case for $44. It has been one of those cameras I've wanted my entire life and only recently started to look out for one since I've been getting more and more into photography again and managed to win that entire setup for what feels like nothing. Sure, it may be only 5MP but with the Carl Zeiss lens it takes some really great photos.

The 200 on the other hand... good luck.


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Decided to try something a little different this evening after finally getting the Kanga loaded up proper after all this time (from the 1400c)


That was to use MS Office 98 to write up a blog-styled outting using the QuickTake 200 photos embedded, something you would have certainly done in the 90s. Maybe for a school project. I realize now however that it's actually no longer summer (whoops), I blame the 75-degree weather. It was really nice out tonight though and certainly still felt like summer!

Not a terrible would-be blog hardware setup for someone to use, even in 1998?


Out of time, otherwise I would have tried printing one of the photos on the StyleWriter 2200. Will have try that later.

Adding "Film Grain" to some of the pictures, especially the darker ones, helps curb that digital edge. Tends to brighten them up a bit too.


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This is a fun thread and some of your photos are really good and nicely composed entirely aside from their vintage tech interest. Thanks for sharing!


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Cool thread, got a new phone recently to replace my IPhone 8, and the name QuickTake is used for some cool video options.
Nice to have the name used again, my QT 150 is not as thin as my new phone !


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@MindThreat: that Office 98 blogging workflow is a nice touch! (y)😄 That 'Groovy Graffiti' headline really screams early Office WordArt, love it!

Here's two more from today (the morning sun on my walk to work is getting a bit too harsh, I need to figure out targets on another time of day...)

Image 1.jpeg

And (by accident) here is a pretty succesful panorama (four landscape pictures, combined on modern Mac in Photoshop with a small upscale to compensate for the crops I needed on the edges).

(On the left is Helsinki Shipyard, the tall building on the right is a recently-built Clarion Hotel Helsinki).

68k family

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Finally followed the link from Facebook. Here are some shots i took with my QuickTake 150 and my PowerBook 3400c. I have more from when i put the QuickTake up against my floppy Mavica.


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Here is my road warrior setup. 3400c - 144mb ram - 6gb hard drive, 9.1 and 240mhz chip.


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@MindWalker beat me to it :p that pano is awesome! You're probably the only person in 2021 to have created a panorama with a QuickTake :D Hopefully I'll have some free time in a few weeks to give it a proper try. How was it by accident? I'm guessing you used a tripod? That or you're a surgeon with precision-like steady hands lol

The first one reminds of the good old Bryce rendering days, if you remember that program at all? :)

@68k family dig the open field and car(truck)-wash shot with that neon pink vibe! makes me miss my old Garmin GPS days too.


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I was planning to take shots on both horizontal and vertical, but I was running a bit late and had to rush it... I took a single set of four photos, by hand and was expecting it to never align nicely... but the accident was that it did and the result looks very nice! "By chance" might have been a better choise of words. I let Photoshop run with its geometric distortion fixes et al so it did crop quite a bit, but it wasn't too bad.

Ah yes, the old rendering demos with always a set of reflective spheres! I must say I am more familiar with those in the Amiga-context!

@68k family: love that road warrior setup! Also I see you have the leather case for the camera, nice!


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I had QuickTake 150 before.. so here are some old photos...


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Quick question to those with 150s, does 32 picture mode result in 320x240 pictures or just slightly less definition 640x480 pictures? I took two pictures of the same thing and was expecting the second one to be 320x240 but it’s the same size just less quality/more compression.

I thought they were supposed to be 320x240 or is that only the 100s?


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Sharing 'quickly' my further down the rabbit hole findings here. While you can't see the full panoramic or QTVR shots, you can see the thumbnails that were created using a QT200 by a David Mantripp back in 1997. He sold it shortly after to get a CS900? as he was definitely fully involved with the VR photography and I'm guessing wanted higher resolution though I couldn't find any reference to a CS900 outside of what looks like a security camera.


Unfortunately I couldn't find a single trace to any of the other 16 or so people who participated in the Wrinkle of Time Globe QTVR photo shoots, all using either a QT150 or 200 and various Kaidan QuickPan setups. Kind of crazy and sad how so much is lost in such a short period of time due to rapid changing and dying software technologies and personal sites lasting only a few short years in the early age of the Internet.

A teacher (Angie Taylor) from a school in 1997 using her QuickTake 200 to take pictures of the band students, site lost in time:


I wonder how many of the photos taken with a QuickTake might have ended up in a yearbook during that time period, if any...

The Wrinkle in Time (crated by Robert Abbett in Hawaii) - Panoramic/QTVR photo shoot was only done in 1997 and 1998, both years had over 100 participants from various parts of the world and using different cameras and setups of all kinds. It's just too bad that they were all done in a format that never took off beyond the initial years making them almost impossible to find in standard JPG format.

"What is A Wrinkle in Time?

More than 100 of the world's best Quicktime VR photographers and producers set up tripods and cameras at different locations around the globe. We were excited because we wanted some way to share the joy, passion and thrill of an incredible new technology. We wanted to do something together, en masse, as global brothers and sisters.

The idea was to share synchronized moments in time with each other and with you. The first time we did this was just as the clock struck 9 a.m. Hawai`i Standard Time on December 21st, 1997, and all of our particpants simultaneously shot 360 degree panoramas as a record of the time and that moment.

We began with our first Global Synchronous Shoot, based on 12 noon 3/20/98 Hawaii Standard Time. Many of our "panographers" also recorded the moment on audio tape and as you view their offerings from this first shoot, turn up your speakers to enjoy additional ambient location sound."

I propose the idea of maybe creating a Wrinkle in Time '21 - oddly the day of the Winter solstice yet 24 years after the original event Rabbett created. Maybe broaden it a little more to the remainder of the year for 2021 instead of a specific time/place so that those who can contribute aren't constrainted to time limitations as such.

A wrinkle is a wrinkle, spread across a two month period just as well, no? Doesn't have to be limited to QuickTakes either but that's what I would be using! @MindWalker you on board with creating some more at some point? Anyone else on board with wrinkling panoramic time just for fun?


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I can *try* to have the time to take some more, sure :) That idea of taking a shot at the same time around the world is a cool one, although might prove difficult.

For a purely QT-related celebratory I was thinking of a "QuickTake-Quintilis" (july in roman calendar, although in latin it means the fifth month, so we could use it either way) 😄


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Finally made a day of it today! 15 vertical unedited images stitched together in insanely bright sunlight resulting in a 2600x625 image: