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Share your Apple Quicktake 100/150/200 Photos here!


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I've been somewhat inclined to use these cameras more and more when we go out despite their quality not being very high. Keep in mind they're not replacing any modern cameras as we still take the majority of pictures using our trusty iPhone XS cameras. Someday I'd like to add a Sigma Merrill of sorts to the mix but simply just don't have the time.

Realizing not everyone is on IG/FB, would like to not only share some of the photos I take here but would love to see the photos everyone else has taken with these cameras. So a dedicated thread to seeing and sharing your QuickTake Photos is born!

Between the 150 and 200, I edit the photos in Photoshop 5.5 on the PowerBook 1400cs (still haven't set my Kanga up yet to do the task, very little time) but it'll eventually happen.

Here's a few from our park walk today and a few of my favorites - I also had been using a slide scanner with my PowerBook earlier this year which inspired me to place all my QuickTake photos with short captions in a slide-like frame:


Here's a quick snapshot of my QuickTake setup:

Let's see your QuickTake photos - post all here!
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I've seen you IG account, and I think it's a lovely idea :)

As of late, I've been thinking that I should get my QT150 up again! I now have another Mac with easier access (both physical and connectivity-wise) which would make it easier to transfer the files (and just for fun do some light Photoshopping just to see how well it would run).

In the meanwhile, here are two outdoor shots (unedited, straight out the camera) from pretty much exactly a year ago when I got the camera and did some testing with it. (Only fault I had was that the power switch inside needed contact cleaner as I was getting low battery readings due to the switch was not making always good contact).

Just now I also realized how easy these files are to upload: no need to reduce their size and no need to strip GPS or other extra meta from the files... also if there were any people shown, they probably wouldn't need to worry about the files being used for any malicious purposes as the resolution is so small :D



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You certainly should! Might I ask where in the world you are located? I just noticed on your profile you're located in Finland, cool :D I noticed the scooter in the lower left and yeah, Photoshopping these can certainly help bring them to life, even in all their low resolution glory.

Funny to mention not needing to blur out people's faces. Don't have to worry about the location either since I can't tell from first glance lol :p but I doubt I would have been able to recognize they were taken in Finland either considering I know very little about that part of the world. I think the Scooter/Moped was the only thing that really stood out in making me question the location but only because of the style. :)

Thanks for sharing, would love to see more!


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So I've had this 2X Telephoto Lens for a while now and tried it out tonight. Unfortunately it must just be too big (or this particular lens) because the Tiffen catalog does have a 2X photo lens for the QuickTakes... or maybe this is just a side effect of using it, the vignetting or black ring due to the lens distance on top of the lens.

Never mind the fact that it looks absolutely ridiculous lol


One thing I will say is that considering it being around 7:40pm in the afternoon, the pictures came out rather bright. I was afraid they were all going to be unusable-y dark.


Out of 11 taken (of 16 possible) those 3 were really the only worthwhile shots of keeping and posting. You have no idea how to compensate or place the camera on where the 2X zoom is going to actually zoom and actually, it zoomed much closer than I was expecting. One of the shots I had hoped to get.... well, zoomed in far closer than I expected and missed the sign completely but still.... there seems to be a lurker :D



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I don't have anything much to contribute here but I just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying these images; please keep posting them!


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Wow, I am actually impressed by the photos taken with the telephoto lens ! This is cool.


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Ok, I now have the QuickTake out from storage, and software installed on my IIcx!

Should really wait for a sunnier day or stick to outside photography, needed to brighten these up quite a bit!


Image 2 - 19:9:2021:JPEG.jpegImage 3 - 19:9:2021:JPEG.jpegImage 4 - 19:9:2021:JPEG.jpeg


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Let the grains of fun begin! ;)

Curious, did you use flash on either of the top and bottom pics or are you using a 200?


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Ok, here's a small batch from today 📸

It takes almost a minute on my IIcx to open a PICT file, and then about 30sec to save it to a JPEG :)

Includes a less-than-succesful mirror-selfie with accidental flash in an elevator... :p

Last one is with the clip-on macro lens, which did work surprisingly well.

Image 2 - 22-9-2021-JPEG.jpegImage 4 - 22-9-2021-JPEG.jpegImage 5 - 22-9-2021-JPEG.jpegImage 13 - 22-9-2021-JPEG.jpegImage 16 - 22-9-2021-JPEG.jpeg


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Damn, those turned out great! To the point I was initially questioning their authenticity at first glance on my iPhone lol

Zooming in reveals the authentic QuickTake color artifacts :D and the last photo is a dead giveaway but that first and third pic!

are you using Photoflash and/or Photoshop to post process those? Still a cool way to put the IIcx to use :)


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I can send you the original PICT files if you doubt their authenticity :D The third pic turned out real nice, wasn't expecting it to! It's a very narrow sweet spot for amount of light that makes a good QuickTake pic! I didn't do any post-processing to these, these are fresh out from the IIcx.

Current version of Photoshop sees the PICT files but refuses to open them (saying the format is no longer supported). MacOS shows thumbnails of the files, but Preview opens them blank white.

I used the included Photoflash just to open the PICT files and save them to JPEGs (using max. quality). I tried one or two TIFF files with no compression but the visible quality was pretty much identical so I kept converting to JPEG for simplicity.


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Just a couple more...

Image 3 - 26:9:2021:JPEG_2.jpg

and another macro-attempt...

Image 11 - 26:9:2021:JPEG_2.jpg

These were both post-brightened up slightly. The QuickTake seems to need a lot of light, but on the other hand if it's too sunny outside it somehow washes out the whole picture (sensor not being able to take it all?). It's a tricky business getting them right :)

For completion, here are couple of screenshots on transfering the files....

"QuickTake Image Access" is a Control Panel installed by the floppies that came with the camera:


Pressing 'Connect to Camera' mounts it as a drive on the Desktop. Using the option to set the camera's clock is handy, as then the (future) photos are named accordingly:


I've been just double-clicking the files to open them in the included PhotoFlash app. On a long run it might be faster to first copy the PICTs over to the hard drive (rather than opening them directly from the camera) and then open them from the hard disk. I've just opened them, converted and the Erased the camera as I haven't bothered to save the original PICT files.

Then, File/Save as.../JPG and there it goes:


Then I compress all the images into a SIT archive and move that over FTP (with Fetch) into my modern Mac (running QuickFTP, name fits the theme here ;)


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It's really wild to see it working on your IIcx like that and then the PICTs loading up in grayscale, appreciate you sharing :D

Haven't really had time to go out anywhere for more shots but my favorite time of the year is coming soon so I'm really looking forward to the colorful leaves and what kind of results that will bring. A newly re-celled PowerBook 1400 battery is on its way to me early next week and will be able to get far better results with the telephoto lens with the 150 connected to the PB1400 as an actual laptop and not a stuck at home and tied to the electrical outlet machine.

Here are a few shots I took with the 150 quite a while back, first one was a Chinese restaurant I loved called Lotus and is now out of business sadly due to the economy and the second one is just a building overtaken with Pac-Man graffiti that I thought looked kind of cool.


One of the QuickTake cameras I received from California earlier this year had some pictures stored on it, like a time capsule. Actually most of the cameras I bought had some images on them that were era appropriate of when they would have been used more often. You can tell by the cars/vans that it appears to be late 90s? Unedited and cool to know that these cameras can retain images on these flash chips for so long. All the vehicles look 90s, right?


More pictures not by me but found interesting and wanted to share since they were also taken in the 90s using these cameras:

This is a panorama of Science World in Vancouver, BC Canada on September 10th, 1996 (almost exactly 25-years ago!) and is fascinating not only for the fact that it was shot with a QuickTake 150 but that it was a panorama stitched together using multiple photos with such limited tech and an aftermarket kit made specifically for the QuickTakes.

Raymond Kam captured these photos and used his Macintosh 8500 with the QT150:


He captured a Gastown Steam Clock on January 2, 1998 using the lower resolution mode of the 150:

steamclock.jpeg steamkids.jpeg

Then a few other pictures of of Granville Island in Canada:


I don't have their name but someone else in the 90s also created panoramas with their PowerBook 540 with PhotoShop 3 and the QuickTake 150:


For the hype around the panoramics, I could only find the two using the QuickTakes but even that is surprising really. I would have never guessed these cameras to have been used for panoramic images to begin with for obvious reasons but it's really cool to see.


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It may be an odd thing to miss? but I do find myself missing the AOL days. You knew when you had mail and when an attachment or photo was added with the icon. The interface was charming and it served a dedicated purpose. I think most importantly it wasn’t always connected like phones are today.

AOL would resize this QuickTake shot into a slightly smaller, friendlier size to send as an email attachment and still look pretty decent. So while it may get ragged on for being low quality, for the time period and overall ease of use to snap a quick pict and send it off in an AOL email would have been today’s equivalent to having a smart phone. Plus when used with the actual era appropriate hardware, such as this PowerBook 1400, it doesn’t look too bad.

I never had a digital camera until early 2000s? but definitely shared photos amongst friends in the 90s with AOL...



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I just bought a 150 today and here are the first pictures I took with it ! I’m really impressed by the quality of the pictures even at night !



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Super cool seeing others post their shots with these cameras, thanks for sharing - love seeing them!

Any comments or questions regarding the camera while using it yet in public yet? lol