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Seeking OmniScan software (for greyscale hand scanner)


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Hi all, 

for years Ive had an OmniScan greyscale SCSI hand scanner which I finally got out to use.

It came with no driver software, and I thought OmniPage software would have it: but no! Their OmniScan handheld scanner drivers are not included in any version. Apparently, I need OmniScan software to run the handheld scanners.

Would anyone kindly have this? I have spent some time searching online with no luck.

Thanks in advance




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Why don't you ask this seller if he/she'll you a copy of the software?


I have a scanner like this at home from a company called Interware. I bought it in Japan and I have the Japanese software for it somewhere, if that is of any help to you.

I also have a memory of using a Photoshop plug-in with mine, but it was 20 years' ago, so I'm not so sure.

I wonder if the Caere site on Archive.org has anything?

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