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Scored a beat up Quadra 950


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More progress, everything is hooked up (ignore how messy it looks), including a soft power circuit, and the power supply works !

I was a bit stumped for a while because the power supply would switch itself off after a second or so, I assumed I did something wrong or that the soft power circuit was wrong, but no... this power supply won't power on without the fan plugged in. As soon as I put the fan back in, it powered up and stayed on...

Still got to figure out a good way of putting some load on the 12V rail so that it can start without a hard drive attached but otherwise this is basically ready to go once I've done some cable tidying.



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Tidied it up, almost there now. I am waiting on some sticky foam tape to secure the Seasonic PSU inside the Quadra PSU enclosure and to insulate the back of the soft power board with.

Haven't figured out the 12V load issue so keeping it as is for now.