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ROLL CALL: Mac SE SuperDrive Machines

Scott Baret

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It seems there are many more of these made in early 1991 than previously realized. Apple lists the discontinuation date of the SE as October 15, 1990, but there seem to be a large number of them made in the first few weeks of 1991.

What I'm trying to figure out is when the last one rolled off the line. I have theories behind this, the biggest one being that Apple had parts to use up.
I have one such machine. The serial number begins with F102, so second week of 1991.

If you have an SE SuperDrive, what are the first four of your serial?

FYI: I checked the machines currently on eBay. I found two F102 and one F101. I think I've seen up through F105, but I could be mistaken.


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I have a pair, one is labeled Superdrive, the other is labeled FDHD. I could check then i get off work


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I thought Apple Authorized Resellers we’re installing replacement Super Drive boards for original Mac SEs and placing new badges on the case by then.
F101 on this one. 1988 on the board.