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Quadra 950, a tad worse for wear

Hope this post is interesting to folks!

I finally managed to snag a Quadra 950 at a not-astronomical price.

Caveat being it clearly took an impact in transit. The shipping box had a sizable dent in the top-right corner. It was wrapped in a couple thin layers of bubble wrap and some balled newspaper. (_sigh_) Sure enough, the chassis and floppy bezel both have cracks from the hit, and the logic board had been dislodged from its clips (which caused the reset and debugger buttons to push out). I _think_ I'll be able to repair the cracks with some epoxy, hopefully to the point you won't notice too much. I don't think there's any damaged plastic inside the case so far.

One bit that drew me to it was the CD-ROM drive. It's a caddy-load, but the bezel for it looked wild. Took me forever to realize it's probably for a SyQuest drive. I suppose the previous owner chose to leave it when they swapped to a CD-ROM rather than try and source a new bezel?

It's also a German model, and came with the original manual / floppy disks and a beautiful German-layout AEK-II.

…and finally, to my amazement, it came with a PowerPC upgrade card. It was sitting in the PDS slot and wasn't mentioned in the listing at all. Score?

Overall, I think I made off pretty darn well even with the shipping damage. This should prove to be a fun restore project.


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Looks nice, my 950 is way rougher and the side panel doesn't close because it was damaged.

Those front reset/interrupt switches are a pain, a few times my logicboard has been pressed up against them so the machine won't start.