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Quadra 650 - Not Booting but PSU works


An update, After some trial and error, I have a working (cased) Apple Extended II keyboard. The solution (hack) was to cover the area of the case below the keyboard (and the two clips at the top) with insulation tape.

A note on how I am transferring software to the Quadra, given ethernet (despite trying manual settings), CD-Rom and floppy drives are all currently not working :

- replacing the HDD of an ancient VAIO (with a useful SD Card slot) with one of the £7.99 SSD drives that were available on amazon, I installed linux and set up the BasilikII emulator with MacOS 7
- For BasilikII, I added a second virtual hard drive, with a file name called HD4.hda (formatted to be "macdata2")
- Running the emulated MacOS, I can easily access files downloaded via the VAIO's browser (via the "Unix" virtual drive), and then transfer them to "macdadata2"
- I then shutdown down the emulator, and copy HDA4.hda file to the ZuluSCSI SD Card, pop the card in the ZuluSCSI board, and fire up the Quadra to access this drive to install files etc.

In addition, I've ordered a Seasonic SS-250SFD PSU (currently I'm using bulky ATX PSU that I've been using temporarily) to replace the original Quadra PSU, plus a new SCSI cable (to allow the ZuluSCSI to be used alongside the original SCSI HDD and CD-ROM Drive).