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Quadra 605 CD Boot?


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i know it wont show up on the desktop unformatted, but it wont even show up in the scsi disk tool and it's not prompting about a disk it can't read. I'll see if i can figure out a way to get one formatted on a classic mac system, but i'm not so concerned about it. just want to see if i can do it, would be fun to have different operating systems on different disk.
A disk without Mac drivers won't prompt you. That's for floppy disks and disks there is a driver for.

I'm struggling to know what you're doing exactly. "SCSI disk tool" isn't something that I know of specifically and the reason I'm trying to get a specific answer about how you checked is because the Apple formatting tool "Apple HD SC Setup" won't show non-Apple drives, so it wouldn't appear even if it was working perfectly. The Apple tool "Drive Setup" would, but would call it "Unsupported".

It's getting late though, so I should probably leave you to it.


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HAH that was the ticket.

I have an IDE MO drive, attached to an IDE->SATA adapter, on a USB SATA adapter, plugged into the usb 2.0 cardbus card on my Pismo G4, and i formatted an MO disk with the proper classic mac drivers on it and it's seen for the installer now. I love figuring this stuff out. I dont like when it's too easy.


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and yeah i was referring to apple HD SC setup.

So i'm having a blast with this. I figured out why none of my installers were working, the friend i inherited this system from had overclocked it, which changes the gestalt ID, so the installers couldn't figure out which system it was.
So that started the debacle of trying to get wish-i-were installed on the boot environment, and the way i did that was to copy the system folder and installer folders from the CD to the MO drive, boot off the MO drive, and then use my other MO drive as the system disk. Fun stuff!
Everythings going well now, I'm currently in the process of installing OS 7.5.3 to one of my MO disks, and ill be digging out another one later to install 8.1 onto. Just for fun. Gonna have some fun with this machine once i get a power supply put together and get in cleaned up a bit. Gonna see paint, new top panel clips (old ones are broken off as usual), and get it on the network because it has an ethermac card. Probably use it to play with globaltalk!