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Color Classic II won't boot from BlueSCSI V2


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A Sandisk industrial microSD works well with my external BlueSCSI v2.
yup, Sandisk are kinda the industry standard. pretty much all sdcard libraries are mostly/firstly tested with those cards above all else.
ive also have very decent success using Samsung cards over the last 5+ years. in both products ive bought or stuff i've designed myself, i cant really think of anything that sandisk cards haven't worked with really at least im my experience.

for products using Opensource code like the bluescsi etc its a good rule of thumb to just use sandisk cards to minimise hassle/issues


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There's been some discussion about this... the BlueSCSI (at least V1) was known to have funky interactions with some SD Card controllers, and this also was depending on the particular clone of the STM32 that the bluePill was using.
In particular Sandisk was identified as tricky.


@biomayhem Did the issue get resolved?
Now working although disk jockey, had some weird trouble trying to make a four gig partition and a 3.25 gig partition. The first one showed the proper size, but the second one and then showed a negative value. It might just be a weird quirk in the program.


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@Happy_Mac Did you switch to a new username? 2GB partitions are the standard size used for OS 7 machines unless you are sticking with 7.5 and above.