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Programming: How hard would this be?


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My friend is a band, and for on-stage visuals, I've made him a (trashed) compact mac turned into a

. He's not happy with it, So I've decided to get a Classic II, hook up the audio out from his mixing board to the audio in, and write an oscilloscope program.
How hard would this be? I've obtained a copy of Metrowerks Codewarrior, and am ready to get cracking. I have some C experience, probably a little rusty, but doable.

What am I looking for in terms of hardness of what I'm about to set out to do?



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I would limit the drawing to get the maximum speed out of it. You need to see how many microseconds per pixel you can get it to perform to. ( eg horizontal = time, vertical = amplitude )

So see if QuickDraw will run fast enough, I suggest something like patXor and LineTo as the main calls.

If not you may have to drive the screen buffer yourself.

Stick to original monochrome Quickdraw, not colour.