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Printing Over the Network - Snow Leopard to Monterey


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From a Mac with Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard), I used to be able to print over the internal network to printers connected to a Mac running either Sierra or High Sierra (I don't remember which). Since the (High?) Sierra Mac was upgraded to Monterey, network printing no longer works. The Snow Leopard Mac says the printer can not be reached.

Any ideas? Or did something change in Monterey that prevents older Macs from connecting?


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I have a printer connected to a Mac running Ventura and another Mac running Monterey. At some point I had a similar problem -- I think it was around the time I upgraded the printer-connected Mac to Ventura.

I was able to print over the network after deleting the printer from the Monterey Mac and re-adding it in System Settings.