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PB3400c new PRAM battery - recommended hack job?


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I'm fixing up my PowerBook 3400c - it has a relatively large 7.2V 60 mAh NiMH PRAM battery.  Large RC 7.2V batteries are easy enough to come by, but what have others used to hack in as replacement?



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Hi Byrd,

Since no one else has responded, I’ll share what I did. On my 3400c I took out the PRAM and have kept it out so as to not have to worry about a replacement leaking down the road. And really, the PRAM battery isn’t necessary on this model. If you are lucky enough to have a working main battery, then even better news is that it will maintain all the settings that the PRAM batter would normally cover anyways (except, of course, holding sleep mode on while doing a quick main battery swap). I actually need to remove the PRAM battery in my 2400c and Clamshell iBook this weekend.

My opinion, keep the battery out. I have kept all my PRAM batteries removed as I get to them EXCEPT for my SE FDHD as I use it several times per month. My other ~10 vintage machines don’t get used enough to make resetting the clock on every boot a big deal.



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A company called Wegener Media used to make replacements, but I don’t know if they still do. I’ve removed the PRAM battery completely from my working Kanga, and I’m fortunate enough to have a main battery that holds a charge which as the previous poster said will store PRAM settings. I’d look for a new main battery over a PRAM battery.