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OS 8.6


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Btw IE5 came with my os9 install disc - so that makes it from 2001 or earlier. I couldn't even log in to this wireless point using that because its cookies system was outdated or something. And it's definitely not as speedy as Netscape. Well, not on this machine. [8D]



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The OS9 version of iCab is older than that. It's crap. Netscape works fine. As well as I'd expect it to anyway.
The OS9 version was released when I said it was. The 2.9.9 version that runs on older OS's and on 68k machines was released earlier. It can't do cascading style sheets properly which is why it struggles with so many web pages.



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If you're going to be dealing with inexperienced users or young kids, go with 8.6. It's the last version that can run At Ease.
OS 9 doesn't need At Ease, it has Multiple Users, and the Panels interface.



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Yeah it's ridiculous but once you start trying to cut some out, things begin to break. It's a domino effect on os9!
To be fair to OS 9, if not to Apple, some of the extra 'bloat' with each increment of System/OS number is occasioned by the attempt at backward (hardware) compatibilty. As one tiny example, how many Ethernet extensions does one need: NuBus, PCI, LC PDS, &c., &c? TokenRing hangs on in the OSs long after most people (especially those under 50 years of age) have ceased to remember it. Remedy? Kill! Kill! Let Extensions Manager be your friend. Department of Silly Voices, bite the dust! Personal Web Sharing, get thee hence! And so on. It's possible to get OS 9 lean enough that the real advances can begin to shine through. Judicious excision should not result in OS instability.




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I tried that but you'd be surprised what an effect it has. Before I got wifi up and running, I trashed all the internet extensions, and so Quicktime wouldn't work!

A whole lot of other programmes went on strike as well due to various missing libraries that I was sure I didn't need.

Then when I eventually reinstalled the internet gear, something else must have still been missing that stopped TCP/IP from recognising the connection.

Even with all the superflous gear missing, it only shaved maybe 15 seconds off the boot time.