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MIDI Motu Time Piece and PowerBook Kanga - will it work?


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I'm beginning to wonder if I can use my Kanga for some iteration of Cubase in my MIDI setup so that I can record some of my music instead of forking out $240ish on a MiST FPGA setup to emulate an Atari ST instead.

Does anyone here have any experience specifically with the MOTU Time Piece 1 or 2 and these older PowerBooks? Are one of those ports RS-422 compatible with this MOTU by chance? I only found a few things online referencing them but only stumbled upon people using it with a newer PowerBook so I'm not sure. No idea about the software either, only could find an ancient 1994 copy of Cubase that says it works up to 7.6 but maybe it'll work on my 8.6 as well.

Any advice/suggestions/direction would be appreciated!