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Micron Xceed power cable extension for SE/30


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I have a Micron Xceed card with internal grayscale and one of these cards https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/fs-se-30-ethernet-accelerator-adapter-combo-cards.42856/

I'd like to use them together and I believe it's possible, but the 10-pin power cable that goes into the video card doesn't reach when it's raised up on the adapter. Is there a cable I can buy to extend it? What have others done to make this work?
I bet there's a way to get it to work with an ATX extension cable, but don't quote me on that


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You can make your own, it's not too difficult or expensive.

I've made a couple of little extensions like this for myself. I took the approach of extending the harness to the logic board rather than the connection to the card. This is a decent set for connectors and and pins you need: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078H8F2YQ


Note, the cheap crimpers (this type) don't do these well without a bit of finangling and don't even think about trying to do it with pliers. I did manage it with the cheap crimpers in the end but it was fiddly and took a *lot* of time to get a decent result.

Alternatively, as @Nixontheknight said you can take an ATX extension and hack off half of it to use as an extension, but beware that your +5v voltage does not drop too low. You may need to adjust your PSU if using an original.


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The crimpers that work best are ratcheting crimpers. Not willing to spend $400+ on a Molex brand ratcheting crimper, I bought an inexpensive ratcheting crimper (This one). It took some practice to get decent results, and I still get some failed crimps, but overall I'm satisfied with it. I just buy double the number of terminals I need (they're cheap) to account for the inevitable failures. I could not get satisfactory results with a non-ratcheting crimper - even the Molex branded one.


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I’ve had this same problem and made my own extension with a pair of affordable crimpers.


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