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MacSD in an LC630

Hello all,

Before I embark on a journey of self discovery, would anyone be able to comment on the feasibility of using the MacSD with an LC630? I have a plan in my head that involves designing an enclosure that effectively drops into where the CD drive would normally live, but also a simple pass-through circuit board at the back of the enclosure that perfectly mimics the layout of the AppleCD 300i, so the edge connectors it uses for this model will align properly. The front of the enclosure would allow direct access to the SD card and maybe some blinken lights.

My assumption is that the MacSD can be used as both a boot drive and CD-ROM for this model Mac, even though it expects an IDE HDD and a SCSI CD-ROM. Is this assumption poor?


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Sounds like a neat project. Yes, as far as I know any Mac with a SCSI bus can boot from a SCSI drive, even if that Mac also shipped with an IDE hard drive. You should be fine.


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That sounds like a very cool project to me, and sounds it certainly ought to be doable. And yes, booting from IDE is not mandatory, SCSI will work too.


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It should work fine. Don't terminate the enclosure if MacSD has resistors installed.