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Macintosh II: sparks from battery pad?


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Recapping Mac II rev B board. Board not hooked up to anything. Removing both axial batteries. The B2 pads sparked occasionally when I applied flux and the iron with or without wick to remove the battery. The battery was corroded. I got the battery off with minimal sparking thankfully.

Is this normal? Is my startup circuit ruined? Or is this due to the corrosion & if I clean the corrosion out, putting the new axial battery on will be safe and non-sparky?


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Clip the leads of those old batteries off first before you touch them with a soldering iron - probably a reaction to the heat is my first guess.

Don't solder new batteries on, solder battery holders on instead and then you can add/remove batteries as you desire. It's not good to store Macs with their batteries in anyway.