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Mac SE/30 restoration (and mild mod plans)


There's the utility SetDate:

I found it via this thread:

I think I tried it on my PowerBook 1400 under Mac OS 8.1, but it didn't seem to work, but it'd be interesting to find out if it works for you.

It would appear so 😉
Clock Patched.jpg

Only thing I have to do now is put the network card bracket back on and rearrange so that Bluescsi is inside. I'd also install the drivers for networking but need to find haha.


A Month later.... I've still not sent the poor thing off to be recapped, that's next on list. It now sports an 8mb Caymac ROM with my own BMOW compressed image of 7.5.5. Blue SCSI is in and Messy but has various System up to 8.1. It was keeping time but now its not so my Macbatt may have been dislodged or something is failing. The artifacts are from my phone/cam. the screen is fine. Yes the network card is back in. Not opening it again (Promise!) o_O:p:D


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Again I'm probably stinky BUT -
Stock is 21.6 Pascals
Noctua 21.3 Pascals

I can't see 0.3 pascals being a big deal. I also cant see a 35 year old fan producing 100% performance.....

Not trying to be obtuse here but I do my homework ;) The Hard drive isn't going back in. Also having them on molex means a second can be added if necessary.
You fit the NF-A6x25 FLX in there?