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Lots of networking stuff


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I liberated quite a bit of small stuff recently:

1 CD-Caddy. Finally i can listen to music on my C610! (1 Euro)

1 Net Talk Connector kit from Apple, new, still in the box, never used (2 Euros)

6 Net Talk Connectors and some cables, they look good, but not as good as the new one (6 Euros)

1 Pioneer MO 650 drive in an external SCSI-case. Built in 1995! I'm after the case wich looks vewry slick and will house a harddisk bay, the MO drive goes to ebay (1 Euro :) )

1 AAUI to TP Transceiver (17 Euros, probably overpriced)

1 old school 10 MBit/s hub, 1 BNC connector for Thinnet, 8 TP ports, 1 uplink. (2 Euros)

3 AAUI to BNC Transceiver (6 Euros)

1 BNC to TP Transceiver (3 Euros)

3 BNC cables, some t-connectors and 50ohm resistors (1 Euro)

1 Sun mouse, optical, around 1994 (23 Euros)

2 AESP 10-switch MAC to VGA adapters (4 Euros)

The first thing i'll do is clean it. I hate dirty, grimy stuff. I also have about 10 mice that needs cleaning, also need to invent a way to remove the sticker, to get to the screws, and put it back on properly. Maybe with a heatgun. Then i'll see what is good to keep and sell the rest at Ebay or maybe here.

I now have to look for NICs, but stuff that doesn't look like PCI get's usually thrown away. Nubus cards are really rare.

And i'm still looking for a Classic II. There is one for sale in ireland, for 150 bucks (shipping would be 40 i guess). An auction in germany made it to 130 recently. It's depressing.

But i'll keep fighting the fight, because it's worth it. Right? RIGHT?



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Is the Sun optical mouse the one that requires the metal gridded mouse-pad? I have an ADB 1-button version around here somewhere. It was the first "girl-mouse" I ever used.



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Yes, the grid mirror. |)

I got that one too. When i clean it, i'll make pictures from the inside, because it's quite cool. If i remember correctly, the optical system contains two glas pearls and actual tiny mirrors. Also the PCB is quite a beauty. :-*



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Got another AAUI to TP Transceiver, for 1 Euro! [^]

This one will meet it's maker, or better, it's demaker, at my tinkertable. The Idea is to reshape it into a tiny AAUI to WLAN Transceiver. If not tiny, then at least small. But for that i need another device which will set me back 30 Euros. Not in the playing budget for this month.

Also i got 128mb PC100 SODIMM, so i can update the 32 mb ram in one of my iMacs to 160mb. This should speed things up and allow me to play with OSX.

Finally i won a SCSI 50pin Centronics to 25pin d-sub, for 1 Euro each. That means i can finally, FINALLY, use my SCSI-CD Drive and install that old copy of Doom II on my Q650. And i can rip the 650 MB MO Drive out of the other SCSI drive and insert a changeable 50pin harddisk. I had the cables to make a for a long time chain. Now it's complete.

I'm bidding on several Bondi Blue keyboards and mice, but with little chance of success. For reasons not yet known they mostly go away for more than 10 Euro bucks, and i don't want to burn that much play money on such things. However, i can wait. My time will come. Soon!