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Local Craigslist buy here in South Denver


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First I'll say I am super grateful for this forum and the folks who have the knowledge and experience that they're sharing.  Early in October I picked up a rather large lot of stuff.

1. Mac SE in the box with all the books, styrofoam and documentation and disks.  Hard drive is wasted but floppy works - just needs a redux.  Came with a mouse too

2. Mac SE - another dead hard drive and the floppy needs reconditioning.  Came with an Asante Ethernet card.

3. Mac SE/30 - has the diagonal video issue I'm working on in the Compact forum here.  Replacing UE8 and recapping should get it working.  System does boot - hard drive seems to work as I get some sort of error beep.  Floppy is dead ATM

4. Mac LC 475 - chimes but I can't test video as I don't have a 66.7 Hz monitor that works

5. 12" RGB monitor with a similar diagonal line problem.  Does the lines with nothing connected so I bet its the monitor that needs work

6. Imagewriter II in a box with all the cables

7. Four ADB style keyboards of various kinds

8. SOFTWARE - lots of it.  Came with a System 6.0.7 box that was sealed!  Also came with a legit 7.5.3 kit that is unsealed/used

9. Mac Mini Core Duo 1.66

10. Full G4 Cube 450 in the cardboard box with some upgrades, docs, disks etc... very clean!

11. Apple Cinema Display

12. Various mice/iSight camera and other misc. stuff

Planning to fix the vintage compacts and might keep one of them.  Will likely fix and sell the rest.




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Welcome to the forum! I was the one (or one of the ones) who emailed about a keyboard. It's an awesome lot, I just couldn't justify getting it just for a keyboard. Anyways the boxed G4 Cube is especially awesome, congrats!

 - Caleb



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@Jinnai - would you like to buy one of the keyboards?  I bet we can make some sort of deal that works for both of us.

@LaPorta - I paid $700 for this lot.  Unfortunately the SE/30 is a lost cause (bad logic board and bad floppy).  The other two SEs have bad hard drives and I need to clean/refurb the 800K floppy drive.  Unfortunately I cannot tell if the LC475 boots properly as I cannot get any video on any of my monitors.

I'm not that attached to the G4 Cube so its on Craigs at the moment.  I might start lowering the price here in a few weeks or I'll put it on eBay.



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4. Mac LC 475 - chimes but I can't test video as I don't have a 66.7 Hz monitor that works
Perhaps you've done this already, but check to make sure there's VRAM in the slots as they have no soldered VRAM, but then again it could just be the 12" monitor having issues like you mentioned.