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LCWeb, a 68k web server

Hi, all. Thanks to some help I got through this forum, my old Mac LC is now live as a web server. It can be found at http://lc.daveki.ng/

I'll be working on the content slowly (I'm planning to bang the whole thing out in HTML using SimpleText on the LC itself), and it may be down on occasion as I make tweaks and changes to the setup.

Ideas on what to host on it are welcome! I love making old machines do new tricks.


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Now my list of webpages served by LC's is two! http://elsie.zia.io

My first family computer was an LCII which my parents' still have. I got it recapped last year, so next time I visit I've got a project waiting for me.
Cool! That one is interesting 'cause it's running BSD and has been overclocked and upgraded. Seems like they put a lot of work into it, and the result is something truly unique. Mine is a bit simpler, running OS 7.5.5 with only an upgraded 10MB of RAM and an 80MB hard drive (It was using the stock 40MB, but that hard drive bit the dust so I ordered a replacement which happened to be 80MB).

Good luck with your LCII, looking forward to seeing it online! The setup is pretty easy, but if you need any advice send me a message.