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This is the first LC520 I have come across. It is completely stock. It has a 80mb hardrive, 8mb of ram, O.S.7.1. It has a CD drive that uses the removable tray to put the CD in. It was privately owned and not from a school. The condition is very good. And everything works well on it. I was thinking the motherboard would fit into a Colour Classic. But I may just keep it together and do a ram and hardrive upgrade. It is a 25mhz 030 cpu. It has a place for the optional 68882 fpu, so I will have to look for one.



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Congrats on the 520! They're definitely not the worst macs ever, and the screen on them is glorious, great for writing or retro graphics or whatever.

Yes, the board should swap right on into a color classic, if you want. The CC board will even slide into the LC520 so you can continue to keep both machines operational.