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LC Power Supply - Died after recap+load


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I used same value capacitors from DigiKey.
Capacitance isn't the only parameter, how did you pick the specific parts? Was it from someone else's parts list, or just on the capacitance and voltage?

The ESR also matters for things like stability.


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I know there’s multiple things going on here at one time. However, there’s one thing it sounds like you haven’t tried with your floppy drive: a known-good disk. I can always send you one if you want to test. If the drive is still bad, someone will be willing to sell you a good one.

For the rest, follow the other guy’s suggestions and they will get you down the right path.


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Okay so I followed the Branchus Creations tutorial on repairing those Sony floppy drives and I bent the heads back into touching each other as per his guide. Still won't boot off my floppy, I think the heads are misaligned.
If you have this floppy drive, PM me and lemme know how much cash you'd take to part with it.