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Keep It Up / Keep-It-Up Classic


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Kind of a long-shot, but is anyone familiar with Keep It Up (later Keep-It-Up Classic)?

It was a classic Mac utility that would relaunch crashed programs, which was good for server applications. There was later a Mac OS X version. (I only have a couple of the classic versions.)

Looks like the author was Karl Pottie from the Netherlands. But there no longer appears to be a working website or address for him.

I am 98% certain I had a registered copy on one of my servers--which was lost on a crashed hard drive. I might have the registration code *somewhere* still but who knows. Haven't found it on several attempts in locating it. Always meant to get a second registration for a second server (which is still running), but never did.

Registration payments (offline and online) were handled through Kagi which is long gone but, from the docs, it sounds like once Kagi processed the payment, notification was sent to the author who generated the registration code and eMailed it to you.

Just wondering if the author might still be out there somewhere and if it might still be possible to register a copy. Like I said, it's probably a long-shot but can't hurt to ask.