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Implementing an IAC MIDI sink compatible with OMS


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My goal is to create an application that can receive MIDI data from OMS using its IAC driver. I haven't had much success in finding implementation details of this interface. My understanding is that IAC (inter-application communication) is a collection of methods that applications use to communicate with each other:


PPC Toolbox (program to program communication) sets up a socket-like interface which seemed like a good fit for MIDI data, so I thought it might be used by the IAC driver. When I call PPCBrowser() to list active PPC ports, I don't see anything related to OMS or MIDI, only "Desktop Printing" and "Finder".

Either PPCBrowser() is excluding ports used by drivers, or OMS is not using PPC Toolbox at all.

I'd like to use the IAC bus for wider compatibility, but I'll settle for interfacing directly with OMS. I have the OMS 2.0 SDK which provides headers and libraries for a number of compilers including an unspecified version of THINK C, but THINK C 5.0 doesn't understand the object files.

Any help is greatly appreciated.