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Gemini iBook


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this is a clamshell modified w/ a touch screen, that was made for disabled people and originally sold for almost $7,000. i am hoping that this gemini will work (or at least the the touch screen/panel/controller will work) if it does not completely work, i'll try to fix it w/ parts from my other gemini or the other way around. (it would also be great if this came w/ a reasonable amount of ram and a working hdd—i am really hoping it has an airport card, but i think that is way to much to expect! )

btw, this was made by assistive technology, the same company who made the Freestyle tablet from a 5300.

if anybody else owns one of these/knows how to best take them apart, please let me know!



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no Mars, sadly they do not. this one is missing a large metal plate/stand that would be bolted to the back, but i have that from my other gemini, it keeps the closed/prevents people from opening them up and breaking them.

it is very hard to find information about this computer. all i know is that i like them and would rather spend ~$80 on a tablet mac (but w/o multi-touch) than $800+ on the one apple is supposed to be unveiling on the 27th of this month.



multi touch is cool, and it will be the future of handheld lite systems (ie ipod) but for current normal day to day computer use it is more gimicky then useful

and yea, I would rather have one of those at this current time also



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well, i got it and i works!

boots right into os9, and the touch screen is great!

here are the pics (of the blue one, the grey one is still in several parts):


it is in a slide show, and the pictures are not great, but that gives you the general idea. it is 10gb hdd, 128mb ram, 366mhs, cd drive.

i want to save the hdd as an image, can i just use ccc and make it a disk image on my macbook?

also, i plan to instal osx (tiger), i have the driver for the screen, but i still don't want to lose os9. should i just instal osx over it (there are only 3gb left)



i want to save the hdd as an image, can i just use ccc and make it a disk image on my macbook?
Why not just use Disk Utility?

to instal osx (tiger) / i still don't want to lose os9
You can install OS X on the same drive without losing OS 9. You can do it in as little as 1GB of space. Then use Monolingual afterwards to remove all the language translations of the OS that you won't be using.

My suggestion would be though to install OS X on a separate partition. Trim out as much cruft from the OS 9 install as you can (ie any leftover personal documents from the previous owner, stuff like that), write down how much space it uses, then image it elsewhere. Reformat the internal HD into two partitions, leaving enough room for OS 9 in the second one. Install OS X on the first partition, then restore OS 9 to the second one.

That way if either partition or OS gets corrupted, you still have the other one to boot from to attempt a repair and rescue.

Epic score by the way :D