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Expansion bay hard drive for Wallstreet


I want to have a hard drive in expansion bay of the Powerbook Wallstreet.

There are several devices for this project:

MCE Xcaret Pro Do-It-Yourself Expansion Bay Hard Drive Kit
MCE 80GB Xcaret Pro Expansion Bay Hard Drive
VST Expansion Bay Hard Drive


The devices seems to be very rare in these days?:(

Does anyone know a seller/shop for one of these (except ebay)?


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Never seen one when I was collecting Wallstreets and that was a long time ago so they would be more uncommon now.


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just as a side note: technically as far as I know its just a straight pinout so its an easy diy sort of project, would have to measure the optical drive for the connector blueprint itself (and a battery module for non-wide module footprint too) then its an easy creation job from there more or less