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Color StyleWriter 1500


I recently bought a used Apple Color StyleWriter 1500 because
the restoration of my vintage StyleWriter was impossible.
All electrolytic capacitors on the logic board had been leaked.
There are to many disconnected PCB tracks and broken vias.
So I gave up.

The seller of the StyleWriter 1500 stated that the printer
would be functional. But the paper feed doesn't work and no
output of the test pattern occurs.
So I removed the covers and disassembled the printer.

Find attached the whole history of this restoration.

With best regards from Germany.


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Nice setup you have there, so in the end you had one capacitor bad and some rust to deal with only ?


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What a nice little write-up. Also that's a cool set up - a Turbo040 IIsi with loads of stuff running on it! :cool: