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Classic II – won't start after cleaning


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Huh? The classic II doesn’t need a battery to start. That’s systems like the Mac II big box series and the 475 series macs


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Since my last post I've put this project aside for the moment.

Summery of what I've done:

• Replaced all caps on the logic board
• Adjusted the voltage rails on the analog board
• Changed to another pair of RAM modules — computer now actually started to boot normally, but with intermittent issues. I SHOULD’VE STOPPED HERE!
• Soaked the logic board in vinegar and rinsed with water — BAD IDEA! Now it didn’t start at all... (the start of this thread).
• Soaked the logic board in vinegar again, rinsed with IPA.
• Replaced a missing/damaged micro cap on the back of the logic board
• Removed and cleaned the Egret chip — computer started again! PHEEEW
• Replaced several caps on the analog board
• Re-adjusted the voltage rails
• Replaced the onboard RAM chips — twice!
• Replaced all capacitors (except 2 × 1 uF) on the logic board — again! Better soldering job this time

Issue is virtually the same. Just another pattern on the screen (after the swapped RAM chips I guess). Pattern is less garbled, though.

One day I will remove and clean the Egret chip again. Then I'm out of ideas. I've beeped the most obvious components and traces with the multimeter, and everything has been normal.