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Cheap emate battery fix.


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I was trying to get my emate charged up with no luck. The batteries were totally dead. No real surprize as they are the originals from 1997. Earlier in the year I had bought a damaged rc (radio control) car for $2.00 at a garage sale. It had a 9.6V battery pack in it. 8 rechargable batteries!! I split then into two groups of four. Cut some tape, nipped through one of the metal tabs. They are soldered together just like the emate batteries 4-pack. I unsoldered the emate connector and resoldered the two wires to the top of the recycled battery pack. Being carefull to solder them the same way as on the original. All the sticky paper insulators from the emate were used and fit fine. The sensor unit fit in the same place on the batteries too. Put everything back in place and plugged it in. The charging light came on. It is amber, then about 1/2 hour later it turned to green !! Unplugged it from the charger and it booted up showing a full charged battery. I had it running for three hours. Turned it off overnight and booted it up this morning. Still showing full charge. It was a cheap handy fix. The batteries are a decade newer and I should get years of use out of them !

I also bought a small solar panel at another garage sale, maby I can find an adapter and.........



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nice work

a month ago i opened a battery pack of one of my emates who couldn't charge

there was oxidation due to the not removed flux when soldering


> remove careful any flux and let them completely dry before repacking



If that solar panel is 12V rated, you might have luck with a car DC adapter, if you can find one with the right output voltage and enough current. Remember, more current good, less current bad, voltage exact match and regulated.