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Brymen BM257s multimeter + Probe Masters probes


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Put my stimulus check to good use and bought a Brymen BM257s.  It was on sale, same price as the EEVBlog BM235.

Now I have a decent multimeter.  I can even test capacitors, which is something I couldn't do with my bitty RadioShack.

I have test lead adapter, gator clip adapter, terminal lead adapter, and theoretically I can hook it up to my computer.

I plan on troubleshooting the power supply on Defender arcade.  The whole arcade went down after someone tripped on the power cord.  Hoping it's the power supply and not the motherboards.  It's the original power supply, so something might've just gone poof.



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Interesting.  it sounds like you got a really nice multimeter.  How much did it cost?

And if I may also ask, how big a stimulus check did you get? You don't have to tell if you don't want to.

If things work out and we end up qualifying for one (unlikely, but who knows), I might put part/all of it toward a new-ish MBP (something 2013-2015).