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Brand new case screws


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Some of my compact Macs are either missing or have corroded case screws. They're weird specs of course, so I couldn't find proper off the shelf replacements.

So I did what any sane person would do and had new ones made to spec.

These replace the top plastic threading and bottom machine screws on most compact Macs. They were used in many other models too.

I got these for myself but probably don't need 1,000 of each. I'll consider selling them if there's some interest.

If you happen to be a screw nerd, these are the details:

Compact Mac Case Top

Screw, Tap, M 4.22 x 1.41* x 16, Torx, Zinc

Apple P/N: 426-1007

*The replacement screw pitch is a more typical 1.46. This doesn't affect threading at this screw's length and was a lot cheaper than custom tooling.

Compact Mac Case Bottom

Screw, Tap, 8-32 x .625, Torx, Blk Zinc Oxide

Apple P/N: 435-5002

The detail photo shows the original screw on the left and replacement on the right.


Screw Detail.jpeg



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I'd be interested in like, 8 full sets.  Over the years, many of mine have walked away



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I'd probably be interested in probably a half dozen sets.

After all is said and done, you might be wishing you'd ordered more  :)



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Yup, I'm interested too. I may be close by depending on where you live — I'm across the bridge in North Bay.



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This truly is a blessing for those of us with several of these older Macs. I’ve lost many sets during the refurbishment process. It’s a good idea to have spares.  



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Totally interested. I could see people also needing the small screws for the PDS daughter card bracket.



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Totally interested. I could see people also needing the small screws for the PDS daughter card bracket.
Are those the same as the ground screw and the other 4x screws that hold the analog board to the chassis?



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Interested! Maybe 8-12 sets? Smart move making these, everyone's got some missing.

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Thanks to everyone for letting me know there's interest. I'll figure out pricing/shipping stuff soon and will update you here. I'll probably set up something on eBay and also offer them for direct sale for those who might like to save a bit of money.



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Do you post overseas by any chance ? Can pay for shipping fees

I'm not the seller, but as someone who has shipped small packets of capacitors all over the world, I thought I'd mention that shipping overseas from the USA starts at about $14 these days.   Some years ago, it only cost $3 or $4 (1st Class International Post, Package), but the price has gone up tremendously.   That may not be a problem for you, but that's what you should be prepared for in international shipping.   It also used to be that goods could be shipped at the letter rate if they fit into the shape of an envelop (no more than 1/4" thick, or some such).  The regulations were changed to explicitly say that letter rate only applies to documents.  If it is goods, then the shipment is a package.