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AppleVision 1710AV: How many around?


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I just picked up an applevision 1710av that came with an 8500/150. Thought the monitor was cool so I grabbed it fairly cheap locally. 

Anyways.. The monitor works very well surprisingly although it does have a cool turn-off spot.

However, a quick google search shows that these things were plagued with issues. 

So that brings the question: How many are left out there in the wild working? And the ones that have been repaired, did anyone ever document repair history that shows the common problems and fixes, besides (replaced board)? 

Just wondering. 



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i have 1, it works fine, have the box.  Came with a 6400 i got.  Its a nice monitor, but it does not like higher resolutions it supports, lots of ghosting for lack of a better word.  

Its sound is nice, made for powerpc on the box.  

Mines plastic isnt brittle yet which is nice.


Tam 400

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I have one,it's hooked to my 8600/AV with a 450 Sonnet in it,just gave away 3 working ones,I rembemer working on those,they

We're real fussy an a pain in the hass!,you had to have just the right combo of extension in the sys folder,or they wouldn't work

An it would just look dead,a lot were just put the side think there were dead,but in fact they just needed the right software an

They worked amazing in there time,ITunes 2 sounds good on that display,the update model was the Applevision 750 AV I think.

Hope you enjoy your Apple vision1710AV as much as I have mine the last 20 years.theres all so a 14" audiovision,little brother.




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I had one that I purchased new with my 7600, back in the day.  I had it for several years and then I passed it on to the recycler (I still have the 7600).  I did enjoyed the monitor, although it took up a lot of desk space.  I got one a few years back and while I was deciding what to do with it, when I discovered the plastic had turned very brittle.  After touching it wrong a few times, the exterior was beyond repair, so I harvested some of the inside electronics and tossed   the rest.  Happy to hear that some of them are out there and still in use.



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I have one. It is particularly sensitive to rapid blanking or refresh switching from the mac's video card. While unplugging and plugging it back in sometimes fixes it other times it refuses to show an image again until you power cycle it and the mac. I find jist turning the monitor on manually once the machine is booting gets around this.

It also will not turn on at all without a sync signal present so if you are like me where you have a mac KVM and all you got are those DB15 mac cables that only carry red, green and blue signals you're outta luck.

Other than that and a weirdly sluggish set of OSD controls it's actually really nice. I bought while the plastics were still in very good condition and six years later they are still rock solid.