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Apple II DeskTop gets an update


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After 35 years, the Apple II Desktop gets an update from version 1.1 to 1.2 alpha 35. There are a host of new improvements. I installed it on my IIGS and it seems to work well. It should work on the Apple IIe, IIc, and Laser 128 machines as well.


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Whoa. That’s very cool.

Henri Lamiraux, one of the co-authors named at the linked page, was my boss at Apple in ‘95-96. By then he was tech lead for the Frameworks team (ODF + MacApp), possibly among other things. I was a lowly intern but thought he was a nice and impressive guy. He had previously co-authored Studio/8 and Studio/32. I had no idea he was (much earlier) involved in MouseDesk.


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This is fantastic! Its about time the 8 bit GUI for the Apple II line received some much needed attention.